Directions: Using obvious letters for sentence constants, as in S for "Samantha is a student", translate the following sentences from English to TL. Be sure to use grouping indicators where needed.

  1. Either Samantha is a student or Juan is a guitar player.

  2. Jaclyn knows sign language and Jason has a dog.

  3. If Olie plays video games then Irazema is a chef.
  4. Hugo has a pet banana if (and only if) Patricia is married to Tim.
  5. If Amanda is a bartender, then RCG is a patron and Anabelle is the hostess.
  6. Either Tomás lives in Seattle and Lucía lives in Denver, or Tomás lives in Seattle and Mauricio lives in Cancún.
  7. It’s definitely not the case that Lucía lives in Denver and at the same time Mauricio lives in Cancún.
  8. If Sarah makes chicken pot pie then Lisa will make martinis.
  9. If Lisa makes martinis, Sarah will make chicken pot pie.
  10. It’s not true that it’s not the case that Angie is an atheist.