Introduction to Philosophy

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Unit I: Knowledge and God

What is Philosophy?

The Regress


Empiricism v Rationalism

Aquinas and the Razor

The Problem of Evil

  • Reading: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Entry on Ockham

    • Note: Read Sections 1, 2, and 6

  • Reading: Jeff Speaks, Speaks on Mackie

    • Supplementary Reading: Peter Van Inwagen, The Problem of Evil

      • Note: This is a series of lectures for the interested student. Most relevant to the course is Lecture I.

Pascal’s Wager

Possible Solutions to the Problem of Evil


Unit II: Free Will and Ethics

The Problem of Free Will (Pt. I & II)

Kantian Ethics


Non-objectivism: Cultural Relativism

Non-objectivism: Ethical Egoism

Non-objectivism: Sentimentalism


Unit III: The Mind and Society

Philosophy of Mathematics

The Forms

The Vienna Circle

The Mind/Body Problem

The Turing Test

Related Material


  • Reading: Sean McElwee, Marx Was Right

    • Supplemental Reading: The interested student can read modern-day Marxist Alan Woods' Why We Are Marxists here.

  • Video: Peter Singer on Hegel and Marx

    • Supplemental Audio: Letters and Politics, Christian Fuchs interview.

    • Supplemental Video: The interested student can watch modern-day Marxist Richard Wolff's show, Economic Update, here.

      • Note: The link is to the show from January 21, 2018.


  • Video: Crash Course, Buddha and Ashoka

    • Note: The interested student should refer to this website for more information about buddhism. Click here.